So now it's time to build an empire!

The reason why we call it an 'entrepreneurial journey' is that once you begin, it often never ends ... and this is no bad thing! Particularly when you get to a position where you are financially free and can consider other opportunities - both for your business and your life. This could include expanding overseas, buying other businesses to bolt on to your existing one, becoming an owner-investor instead of an owner-manager, building an empire! The important thing when you get to this stage is making sure that you have a vision for the next stage of your life, together with a powerful support network!

“An extraordinary quality of life is living life on your terms"

Tony Robbins

The Fielding Group has a global community of successful entrepreneurs and investors.

Through our values of COLLABORATION and CONTRIBUTION, we believe in bringing this community together in powerful and impactful ways - for both personal growth and wider societal impact. Our core programme is the Elite Growth Mindset Mastermind which is a monthly online meet-up of entrepreneurs that have created significant 7-figure businesses ... or are well on the way to achieving this milestone! And for those that want to take the ultimate step in networking, accountability and personal development, we offer our Empire Entrepreneur VIP Retreat, which is our flagship once a year event, always held in amazing locations across the planet. READY TO BEGIN?


We also offer high impact, results focused Business Mentoring.

A course for entrepreneurs who would like focused, 1:1 support and guidance. This is a bespoke service, absolutely tailored around you, your business, your goals and your longer term vision. We have limited capacity and there is often a waiting list for mentoring, plus we only work with people we feel we can truly help achieve results.If this is you, get in touch today.


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